@bobmclellan2 - Desktop Folder

by GEO2003 - 3/12/13 6:23 PM

In Reply to: Desktop folder moved by bobmclellan2

Thank you, since beta testing vista and Win 7, It was reported to MS.

Even after Windows Vista and 7 went into Release to Manufacturer, this problem still existed, believe me I tried it. I don't think I was doing something wrong as moving it, was just as simple as the other folders.

But I did read an article a few years ago, that MS was working on making sure that the Desktop Folder should be allow to be move as well - As it was creating error messages in not finding it

Since then I never tried it - Thank you very much for the UPDATE and letting me know that it works.

I for one, hardly use any of the shortcuts to programs or documents store on the Desktop Folder, so for me is not a problem restoring them. I use a separate partition for all personal data, hence pointing to something that would create a shortcut on the desktop folder is not a problem.

But others may want to make sure that what they have on the Desktop Folder gets copy/moved easily right back which is ok too, and now with your confirmation, I myself will be re-directing the Desktop Folder as well.


Again Thank You.