by Hforman - 3/11/13 10:32 PM

In Reply to: Page/swap file by rgknott

A Pagefile has nothing to do specifically with speed. It has more to do with what happens when your program needs 3 GB of RAM and you only have 2 GB available at the time with the rest filled up with other programs and for the virtual addressing you mentioned. If one of you want to be brave out there, turn off your paging file and reboot and see how your PC runs (or doesn't run). Even if you have an SSD. The suggestion that an SSD negates the need for a pagefile is ridiculous as that would still limit your memory to what is available at the time and has not a thing to do with how fast your disk is. By the way, to turn your Pagefile back on, you will probably need to boot into SAFE MODE and have plenty of patience. It's more of a memory thing and not related to disk speed as a need for one.