Page/swap file

by rgknott - 3/11/13 12:28 PM

In Reply to: Partial Answer by webserf

The message states when using SSD a page/swap file is not needed. This is nonsense. The swap file is used for the OS virtual storage, sometimes called virtual memory. The swap file is heavily accessed when the system becomes short on real memory, sometimes called physical memory. When this occurs, less accessed portions of real memory, called page-frames are swapped out of real memory to virtual memory on the disk. This operation is called a page-out. These portions of memory are maintained in the swap file until needed again, in which case something called a page-fault occurs and the page-frames are paged-in and restored from the swap file to real memory. The page-out/page-in operations are called paging, which is perfectly normal unless it becomes excessive. Incidentally, when the geek at BestBuy or someplace suggests that adding memory to your computer will make it faster, it won't, unless your computer is paging excessively, in need of more real memory. Use the Task Manager and Resource Monitor that comes with Windows to see how much free physical memory you already have available before wasting money on additional, if unneeded, memory.