by libertyunderlaw - 3/10/13 8:54 PM

In Reply to: SSDs aren't for everybody by Zekeuyasha

I wish I'd read your comments a year and a half ago. In February of 2012, I bought myself an ASUS EB121 Tablet PC. It is an iPad look alike that runs Win7, has 4 gb of ram and has a 64gb SSD. It is my secondary computer (I have a desktop I use most often with a single SATA disk drive). I do A LOT of document editing (mostly story writing, PowerPoints, and Spreadsheets) so this is very relevant to me. When I bought the computer, the sales person assured me that SSDs are almost crash proof; practically no moving parts.

Just to be clear, the salesperson did not talk me into buying the computer. I had done my homework and chose it in advance.

So you're saying that SSDs fail after X number of rewrites and therefore should not be used be people who do a lot of document writing? As I said, I'm that kind of computer user.

For my most important files, I use dropbox for file synchronization anyway. Therefore, my files are automatically backed up. However, that means that any file I put into dropbox automatically gets put onto my tablet's SSD. That means that my tablet's SSD is being rewritten on for every critical and less than critical file.