Just wondering...

I've read here and at sister sites to CNET, that when you get an SSD, you should always install the operating system to the drive "manually" and not by image copy, or "cloning". So you are saying they are wrong? Just wondering!

It is a good thing many new laptops are now available with two drive slots on board, because you can have the best of both worlds - if you like laptops, that is - you can now install the OS on the SSD, and store the files on the other hard drive. This almost negates the need for backup, because you will only lose the OS and not your important files. Of course, applications can become an issue too.

Maybe a hybrid drive could be the answer? Especially for those that only have one drive slot per device. I've always wondered if a hybrid drive could be recovered for data if the flash component part of the drive fails. Have you heard anything, or had experience with that?

Just wondering? confused