Depends on your use and required speed

by dony - 3/9/13 3:42 PM

In Reply to: Cost effect ratio is still lagging on SSDs by Demaclies

For me, the SSD is perfect. Your use may differ. I do not download media files but access them online. I am a photographer. The speed of the SSD means more time taking photos and less time up/downloading files. Speed of uploading OS is a few seconds versus two minutes. Offload files as needed so more than half my SSD is not used. Can do plenty with 55-65 GB of super fast drive and forces me to keep the system free of crapware. I hate the 1 = 3 TB drives because they are 5500 rpm, take forever to do anything, to defrag or to run virus checks. I have these but only for backup and storage. Like I said, it depends on your use. Where we will disagree is on PC owners not knowing the difference. I have given my Ultrabook to friends and relatives to try out and every one of them was literally astounded by the difference in speed. In fact, one relative has already bought and I just set up specifications for a new one for a son in law this pm and he is buying the unit today. Like you, I have the patience for legacy and with 3 laptops, three desktops, two iPads, two iPhone 5s, three printers, two smart TVs, alarm systems, etc. in my home, I do not use Future Shop. I do all my own servicing, upgrading, etc. except for the iPads and iPhones which have not needed any to date. If/when they do, the local "Fix your Phone" shop will replace the parts at about 20% of usual cost and with a better warranty. BTW the speed of the iPad and iPhone memory is what ruined me for HDD.