SS drives-Try one and never again buy an HDD!

Got my first SSD in an Ultrabook and I will never look back! Ten seconds from power-on to full operation and that is when it is slow. Access, read and write times are at least ten times as fast as HDD on my system. We have known for years that the hard drive (even in a raid 0 configuration with two 10,000 rpm HD) was the bottleneck in systems. SSD resolved the problem. Maintenance is much less as is slowdown with use as there is no fragmentation. My 128 GB solid state drive has an estimated MTTF (mean time to failure) value of 1 million hours that resolves the reliability question permanently! Most HDD are 5% failure in three years with 9.75% mttf for the afore mentioned raid 1 configuration. The cost issue has been there but two companies are introducing one terabyte (1TB) SSD for less than $600 next month! Look for 500 MB SSD at $200 soon after and even bigger SSD at even lower prices in the next year as more manufacturers get on the band wagon.