Maybe not up to scratch.

I have two identical PC's with SSD boot drives both 120Gigs Extreme Max (guarantee is 3 years).

With the first one I had problems. I copied all my programs from a USB drive to the SSD drive to install them (for speed).

I found that several programs would run but not properly. I could only conclude that something had happened during copying and that they were not copied properly even thought the files were the same size. I reinstalled the OS and then the programs directly from the USB and all ran perfectly so it wasn't the USB or the files on it.

Since then I have used a copy program with CRC verification (TeraCopy which has a free version) and it's been okay.

The drive on the second PC lasted less than 40 hours and had a catastrophic failure resulting in all files lost, recovery impossible, throw the drive away . And it was only used to run a video player to run media from a server so activity of the drive was minimal. (That is a real concern.)

So, for me, whilst they are fast and I'm still using them, a backup is essential. I also would recommend, when copying to and from them, you use a copy verification program and get another program to back up your OS to another drive.