Discussing any New Storage Technology is Moot without Backup

by High Desert Charlie - 3/1/13 7:29 PM

In Reply to: How does it fail? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Great Point Bob!!!

There are new advances in SSD technology every week. The pricing is continuing to come down and the cost per GB is going down with it. This is putting pressure on the manufacturers to continue pumping out bigger, faster, more reliable SSDs. I'm a big advocate for SSD tech, and recommend it for many of my customers when they can afford it.

You're right when you answer this question with the issue of BACKUP. So without hijacking your post, I just wanted to mention one of the things I recommend for my customers when they're replacing a hard drive or buying a new computer. Basically I recommend they purchase a standard SATA hard drive with a new computer, load it up with everything they could imaging they'd need on it, make sure they have all of the updates for Windows and other software, and then clone everything to a new SSD. Working in this way, the customer always has a backup of the completely updated system in the case of a catastrophic SSD failure. They need only pop in the backup and they're back in business.

On that same standard SATA hard drive, I also recommend the customer create a second partition for all of their data, which can be backed up on a regular basis through Windows.

I wouldn't worry too much about the new SSDs coming out now. As long as you're backed up, the speed you gain through using an SSD more than justifies any concerns about MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) which I believe is in the millions of hours for SSDs.