Alienware is actually better

by jorbox21 - 4/7/13 8:29 AM

In Reply to: Alienware worth it? The truth: by PopoMcBeaver

I was actually thinking about building a gaming computer, was doing some calculations and at first i though this is too expensive, then after a while i started gaining knowledge about computers e.g. why you need to spend so much for good quality, at with all this i didn't want to break any parts in the process, so i though about getting alienware, but since these type of topics on the internet say that alienware are overpriced, it started confusing me so i was changing my mind like the wind.
Then today i did some more calculations and it is actually true! Alienware are not overpriced actually it would costs £200 more to build a computer with similar specs of alienware and this still excluding the watercooling so add another £270 then theres Alienware £270 cheaper, also with building your computer you risk "Ruining key components" there being said in the Topic.
So guys believe me, listen Alienware is better don't believe those phycopaths out there who say it is overpriced, because it's not.

Heres my calculations i made, please take the time to read them, and maybe compare to the spec of pc you want!

Alienware Aurora R4 With 2 GTX 680's 2gb Price: £2769.00

To build yourself:
£232.74 i7 3920k
£120 Windows 8
£60 8gb DDR3 Ram
£60 DVD Writer + BluRay
£150 Sound Card
£300 Case + 875w PSU
£950 2x GTX 680 2gb
£20 Lighting System
£180 Decent Mouse and keyboard
£70 1TB HDD

Build quality... NO alienware has best build quality


So there you go guys Point proven

As of these calculations i am now switching my build so it is alienware for best build quality and reliability

PS: I am not saying that you are wrong you guys out there who thinks Alienware are overpriced i am just here to say if you are on a budget between £799 to £2000 Then Alienware is the way to go, Thanks for reading guys!