Resolved question: Boot Failure: System Halted

by jdo3 - 4/9/12 4:41 PM

Hey, I'm trying to build a PC out of spare parts to sell. So I have this in it.

P4 2.26GHz
768MB DDR PC3200U
Radeon 7600 32MB Graphics
120G HDD

Did a fresh install of XP Pro on the disk, installation went fine. However, when I turn it on, it says "Boot Failure: System Halted". But when I turn it off, and then immediately turn it on, it boots up fine.
The BIOS sometimes does and sometimes doesn't recognize the HDD; I tried resetting them and changing out the battery, but no go. I ran a full chkdsk on the thing. No go.

Any help? Do I need to reinstall/repair windows, or is it a problem with the motherboard/BIOS?