Some good, some bad, it varies....

by Willy - 11/26/10 3:09 AM

In Reply to: Alienware worth it? The truth: by PopoMcBeaver

The DIY approach totally relies on "you". In my case, I have no issues that can't be resolved as in I could fix and repair what needs to be done or send it back, as I proven its not working and the vendors usual warranty applies. The clueness DIY'er can have problems but since all too often price is a driving factor, its an option readily accepted to DIY. If the end-user wants a 3rd party to build, it's there. Of course, you're then at the mercy of that vendor and thier support. Besides issues of DIY build, there are the support/warranty issues from 3rd builders. For every plus on one side there's the negative on the other. It's what makes you feel comfortable that makes the sale. No one can predict what can happen and the forums here show both sides. As usual, I offer, "choose" when it comes to either approach. -----Willy happy