Dell Problems - Accounting and off-shore communication.

by MYCNETBILL - 9/12/07 2:20 PM

In Reply to: Credit note form Dell by tompat

Last year I purchased 2 dell portable computers during the TN no tax weekend + a no interest, no payment agreement. I failed to meet Dell's account requirements and they withdrew the no interest/no payment agree and started charging me interest (21.24%). As a result, I sent them a check in April 2006 which according to my calculations covered what I owed. I received credit for the "no tax" on one of the computers but not the second ($68.05). Since April I have had their off-shore customer service (???) personnel call us on average 3 times a day 6 days a week. They are not interested in my problems but only want a "payment" to show my good faith in settling the debt. I have not made any further payments and because of late fees and missed payment now owe Dell over $500.