Return code 7

by Brash1959 - 3/12/07 9:02 PM

In Reply to: Error: Return code 7 hard drive failure by mgb5011

When using the 90/90 diags.Its only good on drive 80G or less. Anything larger you will always (90%)of the time get the message. When in fact in may not always be the case. Try updating your BIOS first (I think that was already suggested, but it does work in some cases.) Better yet, run a diagnostics that can handle large drives.CHKDSK can help also. Backup your data anyway. This should be a common practice. However, most of us (including myself ) don't. I work on these things all day. I don't want to play with mine.Dell has a 32 bit diagnostics,that you should be able to run from your resource cd or download from the site. Hope this helps any future users who don't necessarily have to get a new drive.