Re: Problems after purchasing a computer from Dell.

by Big Steve - 5/22/06 11:29 AM

In Reply to: And I thought I was the only one! by jammyhere

Dear sir:

Your first mistake which you made once you decided to purchase your new computer from Dell was to do it through Dell Financial Services; a big mistake. CIT Bank which should not be confused with Citibank; a totally different bank. CIT Bank happens to be the financial arm of Dell Financial Services who in my opinion couldn't keep good accounting records if their life depended on it. I would have stayed away from DFS and CIT Bank.

If you need to know why; go to Dell's website; link up to Dell's community forums; then click on the link for Dell Financial Services and you'll read more horror stories from other customers who have already dealt with or are still dealing with DFS and CIT Bank.

Unless you had no other choice at the time but to make your new Dell computer purchase through Dell Financial Services; I would have used another method of payment to purchase that new Dell Computer.

Now about those harassing phone calls which you claim to be receiving from the collection agency DFS assigned to your account; write the debt collector a Cease & Desist letter which is a letter basically telling the debt collector to STOP calling you about your debt and mail your letter to them by USPS Certified Mail with RRGC attached; RRGC = Return Receipt Green Card Attached.

If you still want to receive communications from the debt collector; you can indicate that in your letter; stating that you will agree to continue receiving communications from them by US Mail but that you absolutely want them to cease any and all future communications with you about the matter by phone.

It's a provision of the law which is outlined under the FDCA; Fair Debt Collectors Act of the FTC; Federal Trade Commission and once that debt collector does receive your letter demanding that they stop calling you; and you also get proof back from them that they did receive your letter; they are legally obligated to stop their phone calls but if you're dealing with a sleazy debt collector; they might just try to ignore your requests that they stop and instead continue calling you.

The debt collector is not trying to win you over with his charm and charisma; his only goal is to do whatever he can to get your money to satisfy his client so he can secure more business from that client; his client in your particular case who happens to be DFS/CIT Bank. That's why you need to document everything.

Then there's a very good chance that your current debt collector handling your DFS/CIT account might possibly decide to sell or assign your DFS/CIT account to another debt collector and should you be contacted by another debt collector; you should do the same thing; write them a letter as well otherwise they'll do their best to drive you crazy and force you into paying your debt with DFS/CIT Bank.

If and when you do receive your RRGC back from the collection agency check it to see that it has been signed as well as dated otherwise you might have to contact your local area post office who may have proof of when your letter was received and signed for by that debt collector.

If your post office doesn't have that information on file you should then consider writing a second certified letter by RRGC to the same debt collector; and this time at the post office request this second letter be sent by restricted delivery whereby the letter carrier will be required to get a date and a signature from the debt collector on your RRGC when he attempts to deliver your second letter. Unfortunately there is an extra fee for this additional service.

I am not an attorney but I went through a similar situation myself a few years ago with a creditor who had turned my debt over to a collection agency; my debt was paid in full though yet it was still turned over to a collection agency. It took about 3 months to straighten my mess out and with the help of an attorney I was able to resolve my issues with my former credit and his collection agency.

I would also recommend at least twice a year you also consider purchasing copies of your credit reports from the 3 major credit bureaus; Equifax; Experian and TransUnion to monitor your credit activity in all 3 of your credit bureau reports. All that I can say now is good luck to you in your dealings with DFS and CIT Bank concerning your matter.

Big Steve