Wifi attenuation

Think of wifi like water. Can water flow through walls, no. It needs some kind of leak or hole in order to get through. Think like that or "hardwired via cable" to go through a wall or to add distance. Signal strength is limited to power and ant. length or multiple ant. if so equipped. But power is still determined to max. to the FCC rules and in countries that have similar. So, you want to look at anything that increase dB rating or have straight line of sight the equipment in question. You may want to look at omni vs directional ordination of signal. Your best bet is better ant. thus look at ant. out there to increase range.

Sometimes if you look at "user provided tips/hints/hacks" it may give insight to the problem. The famous "mesh strainer" around a USB ant. to increase reception or "can ant." types. This works for remote yet close to source, like one end of building to another or barn to farmhouse.

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