OK, so it's a bog standard router and wap.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 1/19/13 3:26 PM

In Reply to: cam table by Toperharrier

Keep in mind there are many Android tablets out there and "CAM" to me means Computer Aided Manufacturing and not a make+model.

So let's go over another recent issue. Netgear's latest firmware has WiFi issues. Fixes include setting the WiFi to 802.11g only, installing the prior version of firmware and cutting the maximum speed to 150Mbps.

Sorry but if any of this is a misfire but I'm not sure of all the moving parts here. I know our office does not offer support for the P.O.C. Android tablets you can get out there. One client was very upset about this, went away but after a few months came back. We didn't say a word.