Are signal boosters worth it?

by soupoftehdaykilr - 8/11/09 9:29 AM

I recently networked my house and I have my modem on one pc at one end of the house and my second pc at the other end of my house. I also have an iBook and my girlfriend has a HP laptop. Both of the laptops get good wireless service in the house, but my second pc doesn't and I'm wondering why. I bought a Netgear Rangemax wireless router and a Rangemax pc card for my second pc and my signal strength never goes above good, and that's If it makes it to good. I can sit on the couch not even 4 feet from where my second pc is and get great signal with my iBook and turn around and get on the pc and have the strength not go above Low. I'm wondering if putting a signal booster half way through the house will help my second pc. The worst part about it is that I spend more time on my second pc than I do on the one that the modem is hooked to, and there was no way to run the hard line to my second pc instead of my first. What should I do?