AT&T Wireless Data Plan - OUTRAGED!

by MichelleH78 - 3/22/09 3:42 AM

I bought a data connect card from AT&T Wireless last month. I chose the the largest plan available (5GB) and was told by the salesman that each GB would cover over 1000 e-mails. The goal was to use the card one day a week, while I work at home, so this seemed fine (I average about 100 e-mails a day at most, sent and received). At the end of the 1st day, I checked my usage. 10GB already! Yes boys and girls that is TWICE the covered usage in only 1 day. I was ONLY using the internet for connection to Outlook (via VPN) and my company's website for ONE day. Furious, I took the card back to AT&T and expressed my disbelief at the supposed usage. A different sales person said that I could not possibly have used so much data--that it would have been almost impossible to use this amount in one day. Another sales person gave him a half grin, sideways glance and then looked down. I cancelled the account then and there, returned the merchandise, closed the account, and got out of the store before punching this guy (I am usually not a violent person, but his smug response and inability to do anything about the pending usage charges were making me see red!). Fast forward 2 days--I called AT&T--to make sure the account was closed and check the damages--"No ma'am, there are no usage charges on your account. I show you only used about 4 MB of data." Phew. Relief. Issue dropped. Fast forward to today, about a month after the cancellation. I received a bill in the mail for--get this-- $560.51!!! The usage is listed as about 1.5 GB over the allowable 5GB. Which brings me to the reason for my post: WHAT CAN I DO TO GET THIS WRITTEN OFF? 8 hours of very limited use SHOULD NOT have racked up this many MB/GB of usage. About 60 e-mails were sent and received, with no attachments larger than 1MB. I am pissed and ready to file a law suit out of principle. Your thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance, Michelle