2700HG-D as a router?

by lilmul - 2/1/09 11:27 PM


We had Singtel connection earlier who gave us a -D which served as router and modem. We had one desktop connected to it thru the ethernet and a wireless laptop in another room.

Now that we changed to Starhub, which has provided us with SBV5121 Cable Modem, we are having a problem. We have connected the ethernet of the SBV5121 modem to 2700HG-D, so that 2700HG-D can act as router. If we connect the desktop thru another ethernet cable from 2700HG-D router, it is getting internet connection. But the laptop is not able to pick up the signal even when it is connected with or without the cable.

2700HG-D can't serve as a router is it? We need to get another one is it? But why is the desktop able to function with the LAN cable whereas laptop can't? Please let me know if :
1. We shd get a Standard router. Approx. cost ?
2. We shd configure the settings on Laptop ?