You were dropped from the Internet due to activity.

by FreeDialupISP - 12/12/11 7:06 PM

In Reply to: Dropped From Internet Due To Inactivity by janenolan

happy I can help you solve your problem. I am a Dial-Up ISP. I would be happy to help you with your problem buddy. Okay here is a quick tutorial on how to not get disconnected.

1. Download Mozilla Firefox
2. Visit The Firefox Website
3. Download ReloadEvery
4. Right Click and select ReloadEvery.
5. Set Reload Every At A Custom Setting. Maybe Every 1 Minute.
6. After Setting 1 Minute The Webpage automatically reloads every 1 minute.
7. The ISP will think you are using it and they will let you stay connected.

Buddy, go to Google and download modem speed boosters. You are using a 56k modem for dial-up. I make sure all my customers get a booster. It boost their 56k modem to 300x the speed. laugh