Heres a little tip to speed up your computer.

by nhrawayne - 10/15/10 9:43 AM

In Reply to: No by zxxxt

first of all if i remember right you never get the same speed you got last time you connected so one computer may be connected at 46kbs while the other is at 20kbs. try to find the alternate Phone number that hardly anyone will know about. when i used to have dialup i located an alternate number to the same provider and i guess noone was ever on it cause i would get in at 50 plus kbs every time. Its still slow but better than 20kbs. its probably just quidience that your old ibm is on a faster connection when the bandwith was more avalible. it all depends on the time of day when you tell your computer to connect and then you get locked in that bandwith rate.