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by Pavimeus - 10/10/04 11:06 AM

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Most budget hotels, at least from my experience, provide only a dataport, including the one I will be staying at for my next trip. They don't offer free access, as is with the next one I will be staying at (I checked). You know how I feel about AOL, Earthlink and such :-D (their long term commitment policy is yet another hassle).

I will certainly keep WiFi as an option for the future. Public libraries and Starbucks are a growing "free" WiFi zones. In hotels, RJ-45 Ethernet ports are common and 802.11b wireless Internet access is growing. Free access is still limited and Internet Cafes are way too pricey. With the kinds of hotels I frequent (B&Bs, lodges), dataports and bring your own access remains the only option. (These are usually isolated retreats).

I looked into CNET's Hotspot Zone, Yahoo WiFi maps and - the listings are pretty much the same.

Thank you, Bob.


Your suggestion was certainly an option. I have a regional telephone company servicing my local, long distance and Internet accesses (all in one package). They don't have nationwide Internet access that allows you to carry the service while traveling.

Thank you, Coryphaeus.

It was after much thought and research I posted my original query. I remain hopeful.

Thank you everyone! Great feedback.