slow dial up speeds

by cybergod09 - 3/12/10 10:28 PM

In Reply to: As I said before ... by Kees Bakker Moderator

ok people you are all thinking about as practical as einstein trying to do basic math, there is nothing wrong with the computer or the modem, naturaly a new computer is going to have the fastest modem and the computer itself is going to be in top shape for running the apps, and who said to try a new modem? are ya kidding if the modem was broken it would not be running slow, i just would not be running. the problem is the OS and software, the OS is optimized for broadband not dialup which is going to somewhat effect the speed but mainly you have multipul apps on the machine running in the background all web based, all ment to update online as most new computers do. and all of them are trying to update trough a dialup connection.... not going to happen!! you have to set them no to update everytime you connect to the internet espeshaly your antivirus, if you try to surf the web while all the background programs are updating over a mear dialup connection of course it is going to be very slow, or you other option is to breakdown and just get broadband like the rest of the world..