No Luck. Still Getting Disconnected

by janenolan - 3/22/09 10:12 AM

In Reply to: Problem Might Be Solved by janenolan

I even uninstalled XP SP3 thinking this was the problem as my computer before my hard drive died and they installed SP3 was staying connected. But even after uninstalling sp3, I am still getting disconnected.

I want to stay with dial up due to paying $9.95 monthly. I am thinking of getting rid of Netscape ISP, which I have used with no problmes for the last 3 years and going with either People PC or even AARP has an inexpensive ISP.

I hate to get rid of Netscape ISP. Any other suggestions? By the way I don't hear any noise on the phone line, but plan to call my phone company to check it out anyway.