Yes.....speed is 94 Mbps.

by Area509 - 5/15/13 12:57 PM

In Reply to: Are you sure about your speed? by mike101001

I have measured it with other speed tests and they come in the same range. The uses a Wenatchee server. Others go off 150 miles to Seattle or Spokane and seem just slightly slower.

It seems like Ookla ONLY has providers that have their own "WIRE".

In central Washington the fiber optic system was put into place by the local Public Utility Districts (PUD's) that provide water, sewer, and electrical service to county residents. They are local government agencies. In the late 1990's they started laying fiber optic lines to county residents and the system covers most county residents.

Thanks to the politicians in Olympia I cannot get phone, cable or internet services directly from the PUD. They can only wholesale the services to internet providers. All of which are local companies.

So I am not sure if Ookla does not show the information simply because the fiber system is owned by local government or that the retailers are NOT national providers that own their "wire".

It looks like Ookla does not provide speed data on government owned fiber systems. Which in the small towns that we are looking for purchase property would always be provided by municipal systems not the major corporations.

Do you have a direct link to their contact page?? I find answers to FAQ, etc. Thanks for your help.