My terrible experience with Century Link - Never Again

by VangelYurukov - 4/3/13 5:23 PM

In Reply to: Century Link is horrible by BigC23

More details, here you are:
1. On monday, March 17th, I called to set up an installment of an account. I was promised to get it set up by Wednesday. This didn't happen because they made a mistake and took my wrong mailing address so the modem ended up in Glenwood Springs instead of Snowmass Village. The price of the service they promised me was $25.00 for Internet a month and a $30.00 refund promotion that I qualified for as a new customer.
Step 2. I called again to ask where my modem was on Wednesday, March 17th. They told me they had a wrong address so they are sending me the modem again this time in Snowmass. I received it on Friday, 19th, and when I wento to set it up, I noticed that it came with a wrong power cord which I was unable to insert into the modem. The promised price was $14.95 a month for Internet + $ 5.00 lease on the modem + $33.00 for shipping and handling.
Step 3. I found a power cord from a friend of mine that was working with the modem. I plugged it in and realized that the DSL was still not activated in my house. I missed 3 conference calls this week on because of this. I scheduled an appointment with a technician to come and fix the DSL and missed a day of work because I had to personally be at the house to meet him. Finally, after he came and fixed it and I called him again for the second issue 2 days later he resolved the problem. His name is Zack Collinge and he is a nice guy.
Step 5. I finally received another shipment with the correct power cord and got everything installed and going. This was on Friday, March 29th. Two weeks later than the promised date.
Step 5. I called the loyalty department asking for a discount. I spoke with a representative named Marya and she gave me a discount of 10.98 a month for a total of 12 months. After I tried to set up an account online the system rejected me and I called customer service. They told me I have to pay $66.65 or the first month and then $14,95 a month for the services. They also told me I would get a $50.00 discount which I didn't receive yet.
The last representative from the loyalty dept. told me that I will have to pay $66.65, might not get a discount and my monthly payments will be $23,95 (tax included).
I went through hell and finally paid the 1st month but I am still very confused.
I spend 15 hours on the phone with Century link
Missed 2 days of work
Missed 3 conference calls
Didn't receive a credit or discount
Almost got a nervous breakdown dealing with people who gave me different information over the phone.
The bottom line is that I will never recommend your services to anyone because of this!