tried it

by godofire - 3/23/13 11:56 PM

In Reply to: It could be a bad network adapter or driver by wpgwpg

i did check and yes it does seem to be working fine i also rolled back the drivers on the network card. and again i had to restart to get internet also i ran the antivirus in safe mode i also did a scan on boot and even ran 2 different anti malware programs still nothing and i am still getting the stupid error "System Call Failed" when i try to open network and sharing center or even when i right click the desktop i cant even get in control panel cause of the error "system call failed" but once i restart i have no issues and i dont think its the network adapter and since i rolled back drivers to the last known working ones and it still did it that means it cant be drivers but must be either another application blocking the net and giving me the error system call failed or something