so bandwidth consumption is same on both phone & PC?

by jj97403 - 2/18/13 12:20 PM

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One last question if you can tolerate my pigheadedness: Does that mean streaming youtube on your phone uses the same amount of data as streaming it on a 20" LCD screen?

I understand downloading a 20 mb file is a 20 mb file no matter what device you are using. I am just getting tripped up on conceptualizing that browsing or streaming on your phone consumes the same bandwidth as browsing or streaming on a 20 inch lcd monitor. I know that "browsing" and "streaming" youtube are just "downloading bits and bytes of data too," but for some pigheaded reason I would think browsing or streaming on your phone would use less bandwidth. (If for no other reason, because your phone's screen resolution is so much lower).

Thanks again.