tethering phone

by jj97403 - 2/17/13 12:31 PM

In Reply to: Re: bandwidth by Kees_B Moderator

Thanks for the comment!

I have a 2GB cap for my cell phone, and occasionally if I tether a hotspot from it to briefly do some very light text browsing with my PC, laptop, or tablet. I use opera turbo, turn images off, and keep all the background and auto updates turned off (to the best of my ability).

When tethering from my phone, I was wondering if using my desktop PC eats up more bandwidth than my laptop or tablet. I was also wondering if there would be any impact if I used my laptop with a second monitor.

I was reading in another post that it is analogous to a film projector and how just physically moving the projector closer to the wall doesn't change the resolution or amount of data, and I think that is what you mean by "it all depends on the source." However, I am still not sure how that translates into whether or not using a larger or smaller screen consumes more or less data gets you closer to your data cap. If you just lower your monitor's resolution does that conserve your data-bandwidth-cap-limit, or am I completely missing the point? (Have patience with me).

Any chance I could ask you to kindly clarify now that i explained in a little bit more detail my situation.