by WriterlassMS - 1/21/13 8:08 AM

In Reply to: DSL won't work by eljayhalflife

I wouldn't be sharing my internet. It's me and I'm the only one using it. The areas I'm looking for houses in - some have very low speeds. Right now I have 25 mbps phone cable (a rarity up here!!!), and I'm used to 8-12 (DSL). I do watch some videos online, and occasionally TV. The Direct TV package I have appears to need an internet connection - which I don't quite understand?

I don't play games on the computer. So it's email, moving files around, managing my websites, and lots of social networking. I have found that Facebook has been terrible on slower speeds. I have been known to watch TV too.

So you think I'm okay with 6mbps or 3? I am worried about 3. It just sounds prehistoric, esp when the internet is getting so fat. I'm always using my wireless as well via a laptop. This is not something I'd be able to fix - I'm house hunting, and internet speed is playing a role in what I can get. If I end up with something terrible, I'm going to be stuck with it for years.

I can't believe you're in Silicon Valley and you can't get better than that!