DSL won't work

I have DSL. It's all I can get in my neighborhood. I have the highest speed AT&T offers anywhere in my area (Silicon Valley) and I can't watch a video on Yahoo! news or YouTube without the thing buffering for 5 minutes. I've been turned down for a game-streaming service for lack of speed. I can't watch videos on Amazon Prime or Netflix without downloading them (12 hours for a movie with nothing else running on the network). Casual games of 150MB take 3 hours to download. You would hang yourself after about a week. (Yes, this is supposedly 1.5mbps DSL, and my speedtest comes out to 1.3mbps.) Remember, the internet connection speed is advertised in megabits per second, whereas files are measured in megabytes, not megabits.

If you really want to stream lots of high-quality content, you're probably going to need 6mbps cable. My pal back home in Ohio recently upgraded from 3mbps and she says the higher speed allows her to watch TV and movies without stutters or hesitation. She didn't have the overt "buffering" that I do, but she watches all her TV online, so the better quality is important for her. Of course, a lot depends on how many devices you have sharing the connection. If you don't have 2 teenaged kids and a spouse hogging up your bandwidth like Jan does you might not need the bigger package. If you're the only person in the household or you only watch occasional TV or movies through streaming services, everything else you do would probably be fine with the 3mbps package.