Broadband pings and DOCSYS 3.0 !!!

by everettjte - 4/8/12 12:53 PM

For the last couple of years I was sure my laptop and workstation were being hacked or watched... yeah, I know, no aluminum cone hat here. But on Saturday morning we had a total failure (eeeek). Called Cox and they could not see me so decided to create ticket for a home visit to fix. About an hour later received a call and based on my issue they found there was an outage. I tested and all seemed 'normal'. The tech stated with my service package I should be using a modem with DOCSYS 3.0, my current one had 2.0. Okay, I will go see about it, Cox sells them bla bla bla. Went to BB and got a Moto SB6121, set it up, had Cox activate it and FREAKING WOW.
I may be able to get to the end of the internet now. Ping times always around 30, up and down hanging at 22 / 8. REALLY FOLKS DOCSYS 3.0 IS DaBOMB.