Why does internet take so long to initialize on boot?

by EliOklesh - 11/8/11 3:21 PM

Hi all.

The problem I'm encountering is that after booting up my computer (details below) the internet service takes a solid 3 or 4 minutes to become available. During this time I do not see the computer going through any other processes that would slow it down. When clicking to open the browser the program does not load until the internet connection is good and ready.

At first the system tray shows an icon with two monitors and a red 'x.' When this has cleared the two monitors have a globe in front. This is how I know when things will work normally.

Computer: Compaq Presario PC (~2009)
OS: Windows Vista Home
Internet Service: Cox Internet, cable

If there is any other relevant information to diagnose this issue, please let me know.