Century Link is horrible

by BigC23 - 6/1/11 8:23 AM

I had service from Century Link for roughly a year. During that time I never once got the speed they claimed. I was paying for 3mb/s and most of the time it stayed at 1. I have seen it go as low as 300kbps however.

In late December early January I decided I had had enough and would not like to renew service. I called them and notified their customer service representative that I would like to discontinue service. The representative I spoke to said that would be fine and that service would not continue. As soon as my payment was received they reconnected service and now are saying I am on the hook for several months of service I had explicitly asked to be disconnected from. They claim that there is no record of the call even though I can show very clearly from my phone records that I spoke to them twice in the two days prior to payment being sent. When I asked to see their records of my calls the second level manager I spoke to said he could not authorize that and that it could take a week for them to get that information to me. Like he couldn't just do a print screen and e-mail it. He also said that even if I had asked for service to be disconnected it would have been reconnected automatically because I paid electronically through my bank rather than paying over the phone. That also makes a whole lot of sense.

When I asked to ensure that it is noted on my account that I, especially now, do not want it continued again he stated that he can do that but how I pay will determine if it is continued again. I asked how I could avoid this and he said he could not help but that I should contact their financial department and they could set the account to never reconnect again. I called them at the number he gave and they had no idea what he was talking about. The girl said just to wait until the end of the month and then the account will automatically be canceled. I'm sure this is the point where they turn it over to collections. So basically the answer is unless you are delinquent enough to be turned over to a collections agency we reserve the right to just keep reconnecting your service and charging you for it. That also makes a lot of sense.

Century Link are the worst internet provider I have ever dealt with. I hate that companies do this kind of stuff. They know that it's a large enough sum of money that it's a pain to pay but not enough to make it worth going to court over and just completely take advantage of people. I will be posting this story on every consumer board I can find. Hopefully other people will not fall prey to this company the way I have. If you live in Central Virginia I would go with anyone else besides Century Link they will not deliver the service that they claim and they will lie and rip you off. Also, at $65/month or whatever it is now it's not even competitive with the other providers in the area.