Problems in broadband connection

by masbran83 - 2/10/11 2:14 PM

Good evening, members of the board C-Net. I want to resolve questions about broadband connection:

1) What should I do when the LED ADSL or DSL modem is idle, or flashing intermittently?

2) There are two kinds of cables: the gray one, which connects modem and microfilter, and yellow one, bridging the modem to CPU. Making the inversion of the plugs makes this cable broadband connection to be resumed?

3) Connect and disconnect the modem works?

The questions above refer to two common errors of this type of connection: the 678 (Windows XP) or 651 (for Windows Vista and Seven). Sorry for some spelling and grammatical errors in English because I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator.

I await answers!

Mrcio Brando Mascigrande