Frontier DSL problems

by Dawn_KJ - 9/4/10 4:35 PM

In Reply to: Model 6100 by Rillnik

I had a very old wireless router from Verizon, a Westell 850 something. The DSL started dropping regularly and I had techs come out to the house twice. The first time, they said they replaced the line. But the problem returned. I had a horrible day of connectivity and an hour before the second repair visit, it started working. They saw that, left, saying they'd check the line, and I never heard back...problem persisted. So I pulled a new Actiontec GT704WGB out that Verizon had sent me a couple of years prior (before they sold out to Frontier) and hooked it up, with only frustrating help from Frontier (didn't seem to know what they were doing). The connection dropped fairly frequently that first day, then I had ten days of solid service. Now it dropping again. I'm thinking of buying a new modem, and I'm keeping a log of when the connection drops so I can show it to the techs if I ever have them back. Do you think I should ask them for a Westell 7500? They seemed reluctant to give me a new modem, and I felt lucky I had the free one from Verizon lying around.