Comcast Cable Internet vs. Qwest Fiber Optic DSL (Denver)

by mmaness0 - 8/27/08 11:44 AM

I live in the Denver area and I just signed up for Qwest's new "fiber optic" DSL (Fiber optic to the area node, DSL to the home). I was previously using Comcast Cable Internet. The DSL speed is supposed to be 12mbps down and 896kbps up. At first I thought this was much faster than Comcast's 8mbps down and 800ish up (I think they may have recently upgraded to 2mbps up), but I currently have both running at my home and the bandwidth tests show that the Comcast Cable is much faster! It shows the DSL speed around the 12mbps/896kbps, but shows the Comcast speed at around 20mbps/1.5mbps!!! Is this correct? Does this have to do with their new "Powerboost" technology?

Also, the tests show that Comcast has a much better (lower)ping. I have a PS3 hooked up to wireless for online gaming so this might be the most important factor to me. Is the ping really better with Comcast?

I need to make a decision about which service to keep, the cost is about the same for either.