Same Boat....

by Eric Owens - 7/10/09 10:01 AM

In Reply to: Calendar program for MAC by Timothy Thurston

Thanks for the recommendation. Sunbird appears to be a great little program for scheduling. Hardly a substitute for Calendar Creator.

I was wrong on my last post. The last version of iCal does allow you to banner all day events spanning longer than a 24 hour period.

Here's the difference between these programs (in my opinion). iCal along with Entourage, Sunbird, etc., are scheduling programs that have been given some options to print calendars. Calendar Creator is a "print calendar" program that's been given options for scheduling. Although, very strong scheduling options.

I'm really kinda shocked that there isn't a better calendaring program for the Mac with the emphasis the Mac has had in education. Odd. In the meantime I keep booting up to Windows for Calendar Creator.

Is there an old version of Calendar Creator for the Mac?