DVD Flick problems

DVD Flick was proposed as the solution to taking DVD-R disks that were recorded on my Toshiba DVD recorder D-R400, but would not play on my AMW S99 DVD player.

I'm not having much luck attempting to run DVD Flick. Input is a DVD-R from a Toshiba DVD recorder D-R400. In my first attempt, I failed with '380 from ProgCtrl: Invalid property value'. Using a totally different input DVD, my next attempt failed with '2003 from dvdflick: Could not create piped process. System error code 5.'

If anyone has a suggestion of what to do different, it would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time with DVD Flick. I am copying old VHS to DVD-R and reading the DVD-R into my PC, then copying .VOB files to my hard drive and creating a DVD Flick project. But, it isn't working so far.