Something else that needs to be considered!

by QUEEN3791AMIDALANUT - 3/29/13 6:15 PM

In Reply to: Sent Emails being Blocked by waytron

I use GMail and here is what I have experienced. I have an E-mail address that may be proof that our E-mails are not as private as we think they are. I got this address (<>) because I was forwarding an E-mail I thought was a phishing attack against the authentic owner of the website the E-mail purportedly came from -- to enable them to report the problem and prevent phishing attackers from using this website's e-mail address as a tool of deception. The message bounced back with this message added to the subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure) - [AKO Content Violation - SPAM]. So, what do all of you think of this?