Thanks for the information

While I leave my E-mail in Yahoo folders since I gave up downloading mail years ago as I was getting junk and virus's sent every few minutes, the few things I wish to keep is in the Yahoo Folders.

I hate to hear about your business information going south; before cell phones I had a live answering service that did well but went to an electronic outfit and would receive calls from customers days to a week later; carpet cleaning was competitive and had to respond to new customers within minutes; with the Yellow Pages and 2 phones I was paying $400 plus and missing jobs; I returned to the Lilly Tomlin operator company and gladly paid a few more dollars.

In tourist towns half of your legitimacy Was having a yellow book advertisement, when I missed one New customer I missed their friends, word of mouth is the best of all advertising.

I hope you get your problem taken care of before it costs you too much; I will keep your post in mind when I buy a new PC.

Best of luck!