Google Mail is The Problem

by pjw77uk1 - 3/23/13 1:59 AM

In Reply to: I only have further questions by hooty54

Google's email system is quite likely the culprit. I have had a gmail account ever since Google opened their system up to us in the UK. Over the past two years or so I began receiving emails from various place, most notably the US and Canada, that had similar addresses to mine, with dots in different places, or no dots at all. Apparently Google's mail system strips out any "fillers" such as dots, dashes and underscores.

My address format is but I regularly receive emails addressed to, as well as I have tried tackling Google about this but their response is "it can't happen", despite my providing proof that it does. I have had a raft of site registration confirmations as well as more personal communications; even repeated FaceBook password reset requests.

So my guess is that if you are using a gmail or googlemail account then there is the distinct likelihood that your address is being repeated in a slightly different format, or the supposed recipients (if they have gmail addresses) are having your emails redirected to someone else.