Google Talk/Chat sporadically loses connection

by cag8f - 3/24/12 8:51 AM

Hi all. I am having an issue with my Google IM clients where they will periodically lose connection for a few seconds, then sign back in. This behavior is displayed both with the built in Google Chat and the standalone Google Talk client. I am certain that I am not losing internet connectivity because my browsing is not affected during these instances, and I can continue to ping outside destinations (including Does anyone have any ideas how I can remedy this, or in the least, help diagnose the problem? Perhaps the Google client always uses a certain port to communicate with the outside world, and maybe I could somehow monitor that port's activity? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate AND it should be known that I am in Kabul, Afghanistan and have very slow internet service. Perhaps Google continuously tests my internet speed, and will log off chat if my speed is below a threshold?

I've searched the Google forums for answers, but the Google Talk forum is closed to new posts, and the Google Chat forum is filled with similar questions, yet most do not have a single response.

Thanks in advance.