Cannot reply, forward or compose in Yahoo! mail

by maeganc2001 - 10/21/04 1:04 PM

I recently had my computer fixed after a crash..(re-installed windows xp)..since then I have been able to access, recieve, and read my Yahoo email account, but not send anything out. I click on re, fwd, or compose and the page starts to load, gives an "error on page" at the bottom left and does not work. When I click on the yellow ! a box comes up that says:

Line: 798
char: 7
error: access is denied
code: 0
url: etc...

I can insert addresses, but cannot type in the message box.
Here's the weird thing, in that same window there is a button "send e-card". when I click on that I can send out e-cards with access to my address book and everything.
I have tried changing every setting I can think of in internet options (I have internet explorer 6.0) I have downloaded Java, I have tried everything.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
This has been going on for over a month. I know it is my computer because I can send email from other computers.