What is the least bloated voip software?

by wodepengyou - 10/14/07 1:03 AM

I often use Skype to keep in touch with my friends back in the U.S. Speech is always clear and the quality is good but the software is getting bigger and bigger with every release yet I don't notice any change in the quality. This is mainly a problem for my notebook 'puter which is a noble P2. I don't use it enough to warrant buying a new. I mainly use it for internet surfing, chat and internet telephone. Can someone recommend another program/service such as msn or yahoo. I also have the option from my webhost to use ventrilo and teamspeak to VoIP.

My objective is clear conversation with software that will run on a 400 mhz p2. I am afraid that the next round of Skype will not do this. I currently hae 98 on my notebook and will be installing dsl soon.