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by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/1/05 2:38 PM

Your post had some less than savory sites so I've copied your post here for discussion:

"Email Marketing Suggestions

Hi Guys,

Im not sure if this is the right forum for my question, but I couldnt really find a better category and Im hoping to gather some insights from people before I fork out some cash.

Im setting up a hockey league and I want to use an email marketing program so I can send out snazzy messages to all the players notifying them of upcoming games, tournaments, etc.

Right now Im on a free trial for two programs: Elite Email Marketing and Constant Contact.

The Constant Contact program has been pretty good so far. Their service was a little slow (and being a quasi-newbie with email marketing I had a bunch of questions), but they have a nice assortment of templates and good features.

The other program, from Eliteweb, has just about all the same features, a few less default templates, but the support has been fantastic. They got back to me lightning quick and when I said I couldnt find a template that suited my needs, they built me one for free. Im inclined to go with them, but Im just wondering if anyone else has used their service. Is this level of support going to continue or does it drop-off after my free trial, like Ive seen in so many other places?

Or, does anyone have another program I should try out? Im open to trying anything!

Thanks for your help!

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