same problem no solution

I bought two cd-roms a while back "penthouse select a pet" and the cd-rom was designed to run as a program in which you viewed the files on your PC by way of the quicktime image viewer.
However, as time went on and version of windows went by, it was no longer feasable to "try" to load the overlay program to see the pictures.
So, I tried in many ways and many times to view the ".JPG files using all kinds of image viewers and they always rejected the file.
I have a 2.2ghz dual core, and older 1.1ghz, as well as the 2ghz laptop I'm writing on, and these images STILL can only be opened by installing the very old version of quicktime viewer and opening each file independantly.
I've searched the net about once a year or so to try and find a way to convert, or batch convert these quicktime viewer only .JPG files to no avail.
I've tried everything mentioned here to no avail.
Somehow the .jpg format they were presented in was somehow exclusive to that version of quicktime image viewer and not even the most recent image viewers I have used will open them.