I use Chrome, probably way too much!

I ride the dinosaur... the bigfoot of browser RAM ******... but since the banks started accepting Chrome I only have to use E8 for government web pages now... if you run torrents, Fox is the best from the feed back others have given me. I'm not sure to what degree the options are similar in the way they use Java or other coding, and in what ways they are not. It would be a fun experiment to clock speeds on browser performance on various systems, then create an algorithm as an app, to instruct users which browser would be best for which operating system, and match it to the task being requested by the user. An app that always opens the most capable browser for the user's selected task, every time! Less crash, more surf, and better downloads conducted using the best format available. I must be dreaming... but I'm sure someone is already trying to sell this ap. or are they?