Do you mean you just want a list?

by Hartiq - 9/29/13 6:52 AM

In Reply to: Firefox, grrrr.... by eddiejoepopcorn

If so, try opening History in Firefox and clicking the "View" radio button at the top on the right hand side of the History panel. This will provide a drop-down list of ways to look at the sites you've visited. Try "View By Last Visited". This will give a huge list (well it does on mine because I keep months worth of history because storage is cheap, processing is fast and it's occasionally useful) of sites without diving it into slices by time.

Internet Explorer has a similar set of views of the History. Click on the star to activate the History side panel and use the "View" button to drop down the list of choices.
"View by date" brings back the "today/yesterday/last week" view in both browsers.

I suspect most browsers have a similar functionality.
Hth, H.